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Why do people get so anxious about math? – Orly Rubinsten

An excellent presentation on doctoral work around metacognition and arithmetic, including reference to maths anxiety

Who is afraid of math? What is math anxiety? And what can you do about it?

“Mathematics is a necessary skill that people use throughout their lives, such as when they travel, use money, or keep track of time. Therefore, mathematics is an important skill to learn at school. Unfortunately, many children and adults feel stressed and anxious when they have to do math.”


Research-Based Solutions to Address Math Anxiety

“We know that many students experience math anxiety first-hand: that feeling of fear, apprehension, and helplessness when tackling a math problem…it seems that parents can do more to help their children’s math scores by changing their own attitudes and feelings around the subject.”

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The following maths anxiety scales are available to download: