Get involved in research

We are currently looking for schools for the following projects:

  • A survey of Year 2 pupils (maths anxiety and some other simple measures) – the modification of the existing Children’s Mathematics Anxiety Scale UK.
  • A survey of Year 11 pupils (part of a multi-country study of maths anxiety and a range of related measures) – a 20min online survey to be completed during school time.
  • An intervention study for secondary school pupils (to reduce maths anxiety and improve maths attitudes and self-beliefs)
  • Identification of maths anxiety: Students will be screened for higher levels of maths anxiety via an online questionnaire in their normal educational environment.  Following this, observations of students with higher levels of maths anxiety will be held in their usual maths lessons and their behaviour observed.  Staff of observed classes will also be invited to interview to discuss their current experiences of maths anxiety.  At no point will staff or their practice be observed. 
  • MARG are undertaking an international research project to investigate levels of maths anxiety (and anxiety about teaching maths) among primary school teachers. We are looking for qualified primary school teachers, who are currently teaching in the UK, to complete an anonymous online survey. The survey takes around 15 minutes to complete and includes questions concerning attitudes and feelings about maths and maths teaching, along with some demographic questions and a control set of questions about teaching English. To take part or to find out more information, please click here.  Feel free to share with colleagues!  

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